The Value of Friendship

As an adult, I have had to move around the country a decent amount because of my work.  While it hasn’t necessarily been a bad experience, it has been a somewhat lonely experience more times than not.  Some of this was due to being a single mother during most of that time.  Some of it was because my career field is more of a male-dominated one.  But a more significant reason was a lack of resources. What I mean by that is no matter where I moved to, I never discovered opportunities or resources to meet groups of women where I lived that would have created a higher probability of developing friendships.  This isn’t to say that I never met any women because I met a lot, but it was rare that I encountered women whom I had enough in common with to develop meaningful friendships with.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I have met many wonderful women that I genuinely liked, but simply did not click with enough for a close friendship to blossom. Interestingly, my frustration is a frustration that I have heard echoed from what seems like hundreds of women that I have known throughout my life.

I bring this up because I want to discuss the value of friendship as it relates to living a fulfilling life.  You see, I’ve come to fully understand and embrace that it is our experiences that give our life meaning.  It is our joyful and painful experiences that define our life.  Our experiences are typically enhanced by or are more meaningful when we share them with others.  Experiencing important moments in our lives with friends and family adds to them significantly.

This is where friendships come into play because our friendships are a vital part of what gives our life meaning.  I’m not taking away from our personal accomplishments, our relationships with our family, our partner, or our children, which are also critically important.  I am attempting to highlight the equally critical importance of personal friendships.  I have lived life with great friendships, and I have lived life without great friendships.  Of the later, I can honestly say that my life and experiences felt incomplete, and I felt unfulfilled.

My hope… Actually, my dream is to see Wander Girl grow into a place where ANY woman can go to find friendship through shared interests and exploring this amazing world that we live in. I have felt the pain of loneliness and the frustration of desperately wanting to make friends without having the resources and opportunities to do so.  I created Wander Girl because I have made it my mission in life to change the landscape of how women can make friends from one of struggle and frustration to one of ease and fulfillment.

Join me, and together we can make a difference for so many women so that soon we are all living truly fulfilling lives together.

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