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Mt. Rose Summit Trail

There are several hikes around Lake Tahoe that I enjoy, but the Mt. Rose Summit Hike is my current favorite. It is a ten-mile hike (five miles to the summit and five miles back to the trailhead, and will ascent just under 2,000 feet as you reach the peak at 10,776 feet. The hike can be challenging in areas but is worth the effort because of the astonishing views of the entire Reno/Tahoe area. This is a hike that you should to your bucket list whether you live in the area, or if you are into hiking and ever visit the area. If you need a companion on this hike, let me know. I would be glad to join you!


Tahoe Beaches on the Nevada Side of the Lake

There are many beaches throughout Lake Tahoe. Some of these beaches are great places to hang out and catch some rays while enjoying an ice cold beverage on a warm summer day, or explore what the lake has to offer. These are a few of my favorite spots along Nevada's side of the beautiful Lake Tahoe, and I think you will enjoy them also.



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