Beta Testing Information

Hello Beta Testers!

First, I want to thank you again for helping us test Wander Girl!  Second, we welcome any and all feedback, both positive and negative because your feedback is the backbone of what will mold Wander Girl into an incredible place for women. 

I want to take a moment to explain the goal of beta testing and the flow of how we will conduct our beta testing.  The goal of beta testing is to improve the site so that at the end of the beta testing period the site is something that has the most optimal look, feel and functionality for its customers.  For this reason the beta testing duration is currently open ended because I want us to get this right.  If it takes us several months to get to our final site iteration, that’s okay because it means we have focused on the quality of the experience for our customers, which is the number one priority. 

All beta testing direction and communication will take place in the beta test group with the exception of the times we will be testing news feeds, so I ask that all beta testers join the beta test group.  Here is the link to the beta test group.  Any time we will be testing news feeds and individual pages I will post the directions in the beta test group first, then I will transition to the news feed.  Next I ask that all beta testers become friends with each other so that I can effectively test network and news feed functions.

Now for the general flow of beta testing.  It will be conducted in phases and each phase will last one week in duration, unless one of the phases uncovers issues that will take longer than one week to resolve. Should this occur I will ensure the extension of that phase of testing is communicated with all beta testers, as well as consistent updates on when the issue will be fixed and ready for retesting.  Each phase of testing will begin on Monday and end on Sunday.  I will make every effort to keep all tasks for each phase of testing to one hour of time total per week, which includes providing feedback. You are welcome to commit additional time but I understand life is busy so I am aiming to keep all testing requirements short enough to fit in with a busy schedule.

The first several phases of testing will cover site functionality, meaning checking the function of the site in different browsers and on different devices (desk tops, lap tops and mobile devices).  The next phases will focus on the look of the site, meaning the layout. We will then move on to content, meaning the articles, stories, blog, and resources.  Next, the focus will be on the functionality of personal pages and news feeds.  Then, we will begin diving into groups and finally we will test the market place.  I am leaving the groups and marketplace to last because I want to give those features time to grow before they are tested.