Domestic Travel Packing List

Domestic Travel Packing List



Plane or train tickets and passes

Medical insurance card and contact number

Cash (an assortment of small bills for gratuity during your travels)

Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid credit cards


Map or map app on cell phone

Emergency phone numbers, emergency/next of kin contacts, and the number of your hotel in case you get lost (Include a paper copy in case your phone or tablet breaks)

A copy of your full itinerary, including flights, hotels, etc., to leave with a loved ones (This allows family to get in touch with you in the case of an emergency right after your phone breaks)

A list of local contacts and friends, tourist offices and anyone else you might want to contact

Copies of all important papers (and keep them separate from the papers themselves!) via email or printed copy

Travel journal or notebook (I also bring a glue stick to add post cards or mementos during my trip)


This is a general list for a weekend trip.  I’ll add or take away tank tops or warmer layers based on the climate and expected weather.  I always pack in layers to maximize warmth while saving in weight.  Also, I usually pack with what I have come to call “plus one” in mind so that I have extra clothing in case something happens to any one piece of clothing.  If I’m on a longer trip I might pack fewer items while ensuring that they mix-and-match as much as possible.  Here’s my basic packing list…

Sunglasses (I put this first because I have forgotten them and it’s not fun)

Roll up hiking pants

Quick-dry shorts

Neutral gray or black skirt

Yoga or studio pants (they are just comfortable and can be dressed up or down)

Lightweight hoodie

Long-sleeve thermal top

Long-sleeve athletic top

Quick-dry button up shirt

3 lightweight tank tops

3 t-shirts (some quick-dry athletic material)

4 pairs of underwear

4 pairs of quick-dry socks (a pair or two of hiking socks)

Highly supportive bra or sports bra



Thermal bottom

Wind-resistant fleece jacket

Rain jacket/outer shell (make sure the zipper is compatible with the fleece jacket!)

Hiking shoes/boots (if I were doing a fall/winter trip, I’ll bring water resistant boots)

Hiking sandals

Sturdy flip-flops (“beachy” flip-flops aren’t too comfortable for walking any distances)

Hats (a sun/rain hat or a beanie or stocking hat for fall/winter)

Toiletries and Personal Items

Toiletry bag (I like the hanging bags because you can hang them anywhere, and provide extra flexability)

Prescription medication for length of your trip (plus a couple days)

Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Naproxen (i.e. Tylenol, Motrin, or Aleve) I keep them in small zip lock style bags.

Travel size shampoo, conditioner, face soap, and body wash (these items are easy to find almost anywhere, so refilling/replacing is easy!)

Birth control for the length of your trip (if you take it)

Tampons or hygienic pads (While these are easy to find almost anywhere, specific types or brands might be harder to come by in rural areas)

Small can of insect spray with DEET (I take mosquitos and the Zica virus very seriously, especially if traveling to a tropical climate!)

Travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss (I bring my Sonicare, but that's just me)

Travel sized comb or hairbrush

Silicone ear plugs (These are great if you are traveling on a plain or train, or if you end up in a noisy hotel room or hostel. Also, use kids size if you have smaller ears)


Travel pack of cotton swabs

Razor and refills

Nail clippers or small file

Facial sunscreen

Travel pack of antiseptic wet wipes

Oil-based face wash (removes sunscreen without irritating my skin)

Lip balm with SPF

Travel sized sunscreen

Extra contacts, lens solution or eyeglass repair kit (if needed)

Hair bands or head band

1 or 2 palettes of eye shadow

1 light powder foundation and bronzer

2 or 3 application brushes



tinted lip balm

 *Makeup, like most personal items can be found almost anywhere, so there is no need to over-pack when it comes to makeup.