Wander Girl features multiple interest based travel and activity groups, which are open to all members.  Our groups are designed to enable women to easily meet new people and learn about a wide variety of interests.   

Wander Girl groups are divided into three main areas, which are Expert-Led Groups, Member-Led Groups, and Business-Led Groups.

Expert-Led Groups are interest based and headed up by an expert in the specific interest of that group.  The experts are there to provide information, answer questions, and help members plan travel or activities.

Member-Led Groups are a way for members to create geographically located interest groups.  For example, a member can create a hiking group for women who live in and around Reno, NV.

Business-Led Groups are an experimental feature designed to provide businesses with a unique means of interacting with people.

Our mission is to empower women through providing a powerful set of tools and resources geared towards helping women build truly fulfilling lives.  Wander Girl groups give women a way to create new friendships, try new activities, and travel the world together.

Join a Group, make new friends, and try something new!