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About Helpful Links

The helpful links section functions like a living document in that we will continuously add new links and remove links that are no longer relevant or providing the best information. The intent behind all of the links provided in the Helpful Links section is to provide as much additional fact based information as possible to all Wander Girl members.  For example, you will see several links to State Department sites because those sites will provide you with the most current information on how to get a US Passport, current travel advisories, and the locations of all US embassy’s throughout the world.  We believe in traveling to new places and pushing your boundaries by experiencing new cultures, but we also believe in being smart and being safe, and that means taking charge of your travels by educating yourself.  We encourage you to bookmark these links and check back often as we are constantly on the search for information that we believe will be helpful and valuable to all Wander Girl members.

Explore the links below and let us know what you think:

Currency Conversion Tool
US Embassy Locations throughout the World
Travel Insurance Information and Cost Comparisons
How to Get Health Care While Abroad
Great Information on Travelers Health
World Wide Travel Advisories
How to Get a US Passport
How to Get a Visa and Which Countries Require a Visa
Great Resource for Facts about Countries throughout the World
Great Resource for Current and Annual Weather Throughout the World
U.S. Government Information on Mobile Phone Use in Other Countries
Additional Information on International Cell Phone Plans
Information on Popular Messaging and Calling Apps
Medjet Assist (Overseas Medical Assistance, Travel Security and Crisis Response, and So Much More)