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My Favorite Places to Eat in St Louis

St Louis, MO, is one of my favorite places! I have lived there and absolutely love having the opportunity to go back and visit. Whether you are visiting St Louis for an overnighter or visiting for several days, food is one of those necessities that you can't avoid. With that in mind, I put together a short list of some of my favorite spots to eat in "the STL." I could have easily made this list much, and I mean MUCH, longer because of how many fabulous restaurants there are in just the downtown area, much less the greater St Louis region. Click below and read more about my favorite places to eat in St Louis!




The City Museum, St. Louis, MO

When thinking about the City Museum in Downtown St Louis, MO, I think of it as more of an activity than a travel piece. This is because while you can walk around and observe what the City Museum has to offer, it is better experienced by climbing on and through it, sliding down it, and exploring all that it has to offer. The City Museum is like nothing else I have every experienced. It is TRULY a unique museum that is unparalleled in my experiences and travels. While you might find an obstacle or confidence course that is more difficult that what the City Museum offers, I challenge you to find something more fun that will make ANYBODY feel like a kid again!



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