What Wander Girl Is

Wander Girl is a unique take on niche social networks because the focus of Wander Girl is on creating and sustaining friendships through our community based design.  The primary way we do this is through our groups. The Wander Girl groups are interest based and fall into one of two general categories, which are travel and activities.  There are two main reasons for the travel and activity interest focus.  The first reason is having a specific focus on an interest serves as an icebreaker to help facilitate interaction between women. The second reason is focusing on travel and activities provides an avenue for women to be able to get out with a group of friends and actually engage in the travel and activities they are interested in. 

To help further facilitate the intent behind Wander Girl our groups are divided into three main areas. Those areas are member led groups, expert led groups, and business led groups.  Any Wander Girl member can create a group for free.  A group created by a member will be placed under member led groups.  These groups can be interest based, geographically based, or be a combination of both interest and geographic location.  For example, a member can create a group for women interested in culinary travel in Italy, or a member can create a group for women interested in weekend hikes in and around Reno, NV.  Expert led groups are a bit different.  The intent behind expert led groups is that each group is strictly interest focused, and led by a woman who is an expert in the specific interest of that group.  The expert is there to provide information and education in her area of expertise to all members of her group.  She is also there to help her members engage in the travel or activity she is an expert in.  The expert led group section will take time to build up and we are working hard to find experts in a wide variety of travel and activities willing to contribute their knowledge to Wander Girl.  If you know any women who would be an excellent match please let us know so we can get her on the site.  The last main group area is business led groups.  The intent behind our business led groups is to provide businesses that sell products or services that cater to the overall theme of Wander Girl with a unique and powerful way to interact with potential and existing customers. Similar to our expert led groups this is an area that will take time to grow, and if you know of a business that would be a great match let us know.

Additionally, all Wander Girl members get their own personal page, which functions very similarly to Facebook.  You can customize your page, post, friend, follow and everything you connect to via your personal page shows up in your individual newsfeed.

The next area of Wander Girl I want to introduce you to is the requests section.  The requests section is divided into two areas, travel requests and activity requests.  The intent behind this section is to provide women with another resource they can use for engaging in travel or activities with other women.  Essentially a woman can perform one of two actions in this area of the site.  First, she can search existing requests to see if there are any travel or activity requests she would be interested in with the option of responding to any requests. Second, she can post travel or activity requests if she doesn’t find any requests that are appealing.

Lastly, we have created additional areas in Wander Girl that are intended to inspire and provide women with information about different types of travel and different types of activities.  These sections are titled Inspiration and Resources.  The Inspiration section contains the Wander Blog, Travel Inspiration, and Activity Inspiration sections.  My contributors and I post new articles and stories weekly and all of our postings are archived as well.  If you have the time and would be interested in being a contributor let us know.  The site also has a resources section that we add information regularly. 

At this point I would encourage you to check out the site and please feel free to reach out to me anytime via email at wandergirl.carly@gmail.com.


Carly M. Schlottmann