Winter in Boston

I Finally Landed at Logan… Now What?

As soon as it starts to snow I am immediately transformed into a little kid because snow has always been this beautiful, magical thing for me.  Sure, the less desirable realities of snow eventually set in, but somehow I have always retained that childlike wonder when it comes to snow. It will come as no surprise then to discover that I found Boston to be absolutely magical when it snowed.  For this reason, as long as you don’t mind bundling up, I think the experience of winter in Boston is well worth it.  Let me set the stage for you.

You’re sitting in a fantastic little restaurant in the North End finishing up dinner (The North End is a can’t miss area of Boston I’ll cover in another segment).  You put your phone back in your purse after confirming the latest weather report. Boston will be getting hit with snow in a few hours and the prediction is up to a foot of snow by the morning. You glance across the street to see if the line for Mike’s Pastry has died down any (A quick side note, make a bee line for this pastry shop as soon as you land at Logan).

Your game plan is to enjoy some cannoli’s in your hotel room while you watch the snow. You leave the restaurant, hop in line, get your cannoli’s, and rush back to your hotel.

The evening commute is underway and the roads are packed with cars.  The sounds of engines and commuters and trains are reverberating throughout the city and you manage to slip into your hotel just as the first flakes begin to fall.  You get into your room, get comfortable and head to the window to quietly observe the bustle of the city below.  The traffic starts to clear, the snow starts to pile up, and you watch the last of the city’s occupants head for home.  Everything becomes calm and you start to realize the normal background noise of the city isn’t there.  Curious, you open the window a bit and sure enough, silence.  A rare occurrence for a major city.  You sit there for a few minutes watching the snowflakes float down and everything seems so peaceful.  Then out of the corner of your eye you see a few people.  You stop and watch them for a minute.  Then you see a few more.  You think to yourself they better hurry up and get to the subway because that’s the only way to get around now and even those will be closed soon. Surprised, you see even more people out and about.

Curiosity peaked, you watch the growing group intently to see what’s going on.  Then suddenly the once busy city street is alive with snowball fights and snow angels and snow men and you realize all of these people came outside to play.  You take the last bite of your cannoli, toss on your warmest clothing and head downstairs and what you see is amazing.  The snow covered streets are alive with people playing in the snow.  Dogs are bouncing through snow drifts, children are squealing with excitement, teams of people are building snowmen and snow forts, and everyone is having fun.  This is the city in the winter.

I was amazed the first time I got to experience my first Boston snow because the city came to life in a way I never imagined.  Now, I’m not saying every storm affords the opportunity for this experience, but when it does it is truly incredible to see the city come to life like this.  Years later I would recount these stories with my husband and he would delight in seeing me come to life when sharing these experiences.  So, should you ever find yourself in Boston in the winter, pack a little extra because you may be able to experience the city in a very unique and special way.